Shimmy-Disc, New York (1992)

1 flan awoke
2 ginger kang kang
3 supermarket
4 michael the human-headed dog
5 walking away
6 holly's world
7 transforming the eyeball
8 grey tulip
9 here come the cannibals
10 blows his mind
11 constellation (the re-occurring dream)
12 mermaid in my coffee cup
13 airplane
14 metropolis
15 a memory
16 doggie can fly
17 hello helen
18 flake of ash
19 spider-headed farmer
20 rat attacks flan
21 flowers turn on their stems
All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney.

Flan was released in 1992 by Shimmy-Disc Produced and engineered by Kramer at Noise New Jersey. Assistent Engineer: Ron Paul. Musicians: Dogbowl, Lee Ming Tah, Michael Schumacher, Christopher Tunney, Kramer, Race Age.

Flan the novel was published in 1992 by Four Walls Eight Windows, New York.